Project Euclid



Project Euclid is an online publishing service driven by libraries, publishers and academics in the fields of theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics. It offers access to a growing platform of high-quality, peer-reviewed journals, books and conference proceedings.

New features include:

Improved searching, citation exports, publisher landing pages, mobile optimisation, e-mail alerts, and access indicators for all content.


All users have access to table of contents pages and article abstract pages. Project Euclid has made 70% of its journal articles openly available with over 1.2 million pages of open-access content.

You can browse titles such as the Journal of Applied Mathematics available via CityLibrary’s subscription.

Email alerts and RSS feeds

Users can register to follow publications by receiving an emailed table of contents when a new issue is published. They can also sign up to new issues or articles of any publication in their RSS feeds. There is a list of feeds for books and journals.


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