RealTalk@City Webinars

In November 2021, City’s EDI team launched its first educational webinar – ‘RealTalk@City’, an open and informative discussion space which takes an intersectional and race-lens led, pragmatic and authentic look at life at City, platforming and alleviating City’s staff and their voices to lead on and engage in brave space discussions.

These webinars run throughout the year on hard to talk about but necessary topics that are in keeping with what is happening in the sector, national and international arena on inclusion, equity, diversity, race, anti-racism and various intersectional topics.

Our #RealTalk webinars are diverse speakers from within City, with intersecting identities and mandatory inclusion of Black speakers and speakers of colour, from various roles in City. This helps provide visibility, representation and support to have the conversations in more open rather spaces so that they no longer remain hidden or restricted to staff affinity groups and other informal spaces.

An opportunity to learn, share best practice, learn from City’s team members is also a key element. Leaders can attend and learn in discreet and soft ways while really listening to and hearing what staff have to say. This is where our surveys and written engagement pieces convert into visible voice and EDI team sponsored and supported forums that are strategically themed to create the change City needs to see.


NOTE: City’s RealTalk@City Webinars were started by Sabah Holmes, Race Equality Manager (maternity cover) in 2021 to create a brave space where City’s staff and leaders could engage authentically and honestly, while giving visibility and transparency to City’s inclusion, equity, diversity and anti-racism journey including all its related real lived experiences – as these are often under-represented, unknown, disbelieved and in the shadows.