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Things To Do Around University

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Here is a literary masterpiece for you to read,
full of places you might need.
I cannot vouch for this poem’s quality,
But, it aims to reduce exam anxiety.
As the gong of revision harbours fear,
I invite you to explore places far, and near.

Before I start my tour,
do you hold the key to the discount door?
Why yes, I mean your student card,
To forget?! Blatant disregard.
I know that #tbt picture is peak,
Edges absent? Eyebrows off-fleek?
I wish I’d brushed my hair in mine,
the photographer lied, “You look fine!”

Anyways, starting with a beauty (other than me),
Have you explored the art of graffiti?
A sure way to up your insta game,
aren’t we all in it for the fame?
Shoreditch, Camden, Brick lane, Bethnal Green,
Of course, I will rhyme this line with the word ‘seen’.
You’ll get to 10k on your pedometer,
No need to shake your phone – cheater!

Walking not your thing?
Are your calories lost through excessive dabbing?
Core strengthened by laughing carelessly?
Go to Camden Head – comedy shows are free.
Look for opportunities on Eventbrite,
I found a poetry class for Tuesday night,
I should thank my FBI guy,
I’ll defo give that a try!

Most museums don’t cost a penny,
(Most students don’t have many).
The never-ending house of books,
Might just leave you shook.
Rosetta stone, mummies, dinosaurs,
historic toys, 60s décor, and artefacts of war
sitting behind a shield of glass,
an opportunity silly to pass.
If dinosaurs are too ‘basic’ for you,
Pickled specimens are available too.

Or do you prefer throwing shade, sipping tea?
PG Tips; not the Jordyn Wood-esque variety,
Escape rooms, dinner with a city view,
Massages, spa trips with the uni crew?
If parents are coming down,
‘Spoons might encourage a frown,
To hide your budgeting mishaps,
or last weekends judgement lapse,
hopp along to Groupon,
for a student-friendly coupon.

When studying has taken you to the verge of sanity,
Possibly nature is what you need to see.
I doubt these places give you clout,
but the Barbican Conservatory is a good shout.
They have a cactus garden there,
Fen Court Garden if booking Sky Gardens is a nightmare,
I’ve described a millennial dream almost…
I just forgot the avocado toast.

I will keep it a hunna (100) friend,
This awful poem must come to an end.
Well done if you got this far,
Good luck in your exams you star.
Click on the hyperlinks throughout,
AND take studying breaks to avoid burnout!

Wake me up When September Ends

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Let’s be real for a moment, September sucks! Out of all the months in the year, it is the one month that feels like it goes on for decades. You’re trapped between the crippling stages of new beginning and the exasperating endings of all the chores and errands you planned to finally do this summer. Classes start again before you have had the chance to complete your holiday homework. The entire month is an endless debate of whether you should take out your winter clothes from storage or delay packing away your summer clothes just yet. But in a desperate attempt to cling onto the summer, we’re going to dress for the summer till October.

As difficult as this month is, we have a few things to look forward to in September. I’m sure you don’t believe me so here’s a list of things that make September bearable, evidenced with gifs…

1. Hello Autumn.

The best season of all is somewhat upon us in September. So you know what that means…

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2. Bring out the September playlists!

From Greenday to Frank Sinatra, there are some killer songs that will collectively get us through the antagonising month we dread so much. Turn those tunes up and embrace this month!

September GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

3. New episodes of your favourite shows!

To ease you into the transition from vacation to routine, dwell in the imaginary lives of the characters from your favourite shows or roast everyone auditioning for x factor.

Michael Cera Binge Watch GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

4. Dressing for every season!

As much as we have the indecisive weather here, this month is a great month to mix and match your wardrobe. Layer that dress with a sweater and call it a fashion statement and not a desperate attempt to cling onto the summer.

5. Reunite with your besties.

Back to school and work means back to routine. Yes, that sounds terrible but it also means to get to reunite with your besties because they can’t ditch you and go on holidays! You’re stuck with me forever guys!

Im So Excited Dancing With The Stars GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

What ever you decide to do this month I hope you have fun!

The Summer Before Starting University

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Your A-Level exams are ending soon, and the long summer awaits you before university begins. You have been anticipating these alarm-clock free mornings and that sweet satisfaction of crossing of the last exam boldly marked on your calendar. Some of your friends are off travelling, volunteering or even working. While that all sounds great, some of us are still wondering what to fill these months up with. Having an unplanned summer can make things a little anti-climactic, but do not let that get you down. We have a few tips to help make the most of your vacations.

1. Travel, obviously!

Although this is a given, planning a trip does not have to be something out of our budget. As Groupon and Wowcher taught us, we can save a whole lot on local getaways that will get our Instagram feed looking summery. Make the most of them!

2. Find a healthy balance between binge watching Netflix and going out.

While it is tempting to hibernate at home and break the world record for watching a series in a short space of time, space out those episodes. Schedule in some time to go out and enjoy the sun with friends and family, don’t just rot at home.

3. Take up a new hobby.

As cliché as it sounds, finally capitalise of this free time and take up that one hobby you always wanted to try. You might discover that you are basically Picasso. But do not be too disheartened if you paint like a two-year-old, we know it’s been awhile.

4. If you are just starting university, visit the campus!

Ideally before getting here on the first day, this would have really eased the continual mishaps involving walking in to the wrong room, or being in the wrong building!

5. Sort out your living situation.

For those living away from home, take the time to plan where you will be living in the upcoming year. Visit the accommodation and the local supermarkets to cut down on take-out costs; I highly recommend Chapel Market for your fruit and vegetables. You can find Facebook groups or forums of other students who are going to live there, which may ease any anxiety about making new friends. If you luck out, you might find someone living in the same flat as you.

Come and visit us at City, we have tours every week:

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