Five Fun Fairtrade Events…


Got a spare half hour at lunchtime? Grab some colleagues and arrange a Fairtrade event to raise awareness of Fairtrade and earn yourself some Extra Mile points for the Sustainable City Challenge. It couldn’t be easier, we’ve detailed our favourite Fairtrade Fortnight events here, but there are plenty of other ideas out there. And don’t forget, you can speak to the Sustainability Team about funding your Fairtrade events.


Top 5 Fairtrade Fortnight events:

bake sale

(Cass Fairtrade Bake-off & Bake sale Fairtrade Fortnight 2015)


1. CAKE!

Everyone loves cake (well, nearly everyone), and it’s easy to make it Fairtrade, by using a wide variety of ingredients from sugar to nuts to chocolate. Either ask colleagues to bake their best and have a Fairtrade bake-off or channel your entrepreneurial skills and sell your baked goods to raise money for the Fairtrade Foundation. And, if you really want to go for it – merge the two!

What you need: A location – any office space will do, half an hour at lunch time (for selling and/or judging), willing bakers, willing cake eaters/judges

Traidcraft Chocolate

(Source: Traidcraft)

2. Chocolate!

Spread the joy of Fairtrade with a chocolate tasting session. Try out a variety of Fairtrade chocolate and understand the importance of Fairtrade to local communities around the world.
Using the Divine Fairtrade chocolate tasting kit (speak to the Sustainability Team about funding your Fairtrade events), you’ll be able to demonstrate the complexities of chocolate tasting (there’s more to it than just sticking it in your gob apparently) to your colleagues and maybe switch a few to the Fairtrade way.

What you need: A meeting room/kitchen, chocolate, some chocolate loving colleagues



3. Quiz

How about a lunchtime quiz to test your team’s knowledge of all things Fairtrade. Choose from a quick 10 questions or create your own. Winner gets the glory (and maybe even a small prize!).

What you need: A quiz, some individuals or quiz teams (preferably with extremely funny pun –based team names), paper and pencils, a prize (optional – the Sustainability Team might be able to help you out on this one)

Fairtrade Tally

(Fairtrade Tally – Careers, Student Development & Outreach)

4. Fairtrade tally

Hosting a Fairtrade tally in your office is a doddle. Simply stick up a sheet of flipchart paper with everyone’s names on it and get your colleagues to bring in all the Fairtrade food labels they use or buy during Fairtrade Fortnight. Tally them up at the end, to see who wins the grand prize (or maybe just the respect of their colleagues).

What you need: A piece of flip chart paper, selotape, a prize (optional – again, the Sustainability Team will be able to assist)



5. Fairtrade lunch – Bring and Share

Eat lunch in your office? Then your qualified to host this event! Just get together with your colleagues to arrange an office picnic, created with some delicious Fairtrade items (either shop bought items or those home-made from Fairtrade ingredients). This is all about sharing the Fairtrade love and the Sustainability Team can give you some Fairtrade info to share with your colleagues too.

Don’t forget to let us know what you’re planning so you can collect your Extra Mile points.


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