Why I went to university to study Management 

Mauro is a final year undergraduate student studying BSc Management, who spends 50% of his time at sports training, and the other 50% studying.  

Why university and why Management?

I decided to go to university because it would offer me a base set of skills, which I could carry with me for the rest of my work and personal life.

As an athlete, going to university was a difficult choice because it would divert a substantial amount of my attention from training and performing. However, I decided that I could do both – sticking to my athletic commitments, whilst also giving myself the opportunity to gather valuable knowledge, connections, and skills.

I chose Management because the subject matter is concerned with dealing with the essential problems of human life: how to plan, organize, control, and lead people, systems, or resources.

“This course represents the opportunity to be an agent for positive change, and to make the world a better place to live for all beings.”

Me and my family

My family background played a key-role in influencing my decision. My brothers went to the most prestigious universities in the world, and my parents wanted the same for me  even though I was more interested in sports. I really wanted to help other people, and want to study so that I can improve the standards of living of Angolan citizens through private enterprise and effective public administration.

In this direction, the course also fits with my interest in economics, politics and international business. For example, parallel to my degree, I am sitting the Undergraduate Certificate of Higher Education in Political Economy at the University of Oxford.

About my course

The BSc Management degree is a great foundation for future managers and professionals and will allow me to prepare for a future career in banking and later in public service.

The course focuses on several critical elements. For example, developing skills such as effective-communication, financial mathematics, and understanding key concepts in systems thinking.

At university, I was mainly looking forward to gaining practical knowledge from my degree. For instance, developing a financial orientation and integrating my previous knowledge of economics and accounting, to become a more well-rounded professional.

However, nearing the end of my second year (over the course of the 2018/19 Student Union Leadership Elections) it became apparent to me that social skills were also extremely important.

For instance, as a student ambassador at City’s Business School, I gained several friends over the course of the year, organized several initiatives such as a Black History Month campaign, participated in events with several societies, and represented my university at the London Student Sustainability Conference.

In retrospect, this is what I now truly appreciate about my time at university, and I’m grateful to everyone I’ve met.

In the long-term I aspire to be in Angolan public service to increase prosperity and maintain peace and happiness.

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