Things to consider when deciding to go to university

Diana is a third year Law student, who loves mystery novels and painting.  

Why I went to university  

I went to university mainly because I wanted to pursue a career in law. Naturally, getting a law degree was a part of that. However, from personal experience I can confidently say that going to university has so many benefits besides leaving you with a degree.

“Although the thought of university can be intimidating, it is an experience that changes you in all the best ways.”

University does not just offer academic progression, it’s also about personal growth too.  For me, going to university meant taking a step towards becoming the best version of myself. 

University is also a great place to try new things and reinvent yourself if you want. It’s the place to go to become the new and improved you! You learn to be disciplined and responsible but you also have the freedom to do things your own way. Study the way that suits you best, join societies that interest you or even start your own society where you can meet like-minded people.  

Some things to consider

Deciding to go to university comes with a whole lot of other decisions that you need to make.

If you want to study far from home, you might need to move or consider if commuting is your best option. I stayed at home so I commute about an hour to university but I did consider moving out at one point. Generally, it is cheaper to stay at home, however, if you wanted to move out it doesn’t mean you need to go broke, it just takes some budgeting!  

You should also consider how you will manage your time in university. If you have a job, you might need to make adjustments to fit work around your university schedule. In my first year, I took a ‘zero hour’ contract job which meant I only worked when I was available. How much work you can fit in will depend on how demanding your degree is. It is important to try and find a balance between the two and not burn yourself out. 

Two years in

Starting my third year, I feel ready to tackle it. I am so glad I made the decision to attend university and I’m really enjoying my course. Over the past two academic years I’ve become much more organised and focused. This has helped me not just in academia but also in my day-to-day life. I’ve learnt to take responsibility over my life and be much more independent. 

I’ve met some wonderful and interesting people from different walks of life who are from all around the world, which has really expanded my horizons. I’ve also been given great and fun opportunities, like writing a blog about university for example!  

Overall, I am having a great university experience and I already know I will miss being a student once it’s over.  

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