London Student Sustainability Conference 2019



On Thursday 28 February, City hosted the first London Student Sustainability Conference. The conference saw 19 students present their work which inspires positive impact in the world and links to one (or more) of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The conference was designed to give students a chance to share what they’re doing, and provide a space for students, academics and professionals to network and broaden their knowledge of the challenges and solutions to today’s most critical issues. Students presented their work through oral presentations, conference posters and we also had one animation!

On the day, we welcomed over 80 attendees from London and beyond to the conference. Jason Clarke, Head of Sustainability here at City opened the conference and we then heard from Rob Compton, UN PRME Programme Manager and Visiting Lecturer at Cass Business School. He discussed his work leading the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education which promotes sustainability and the Global Goals in schools around the world. We also heard from Kristina Perelygina, President of the Students’ Union, and found out what they’re doing to support the Sustainable Development Goals.

After the welcome talks, students from City, LSE, UCL and Goldsmiths presented their research in a number of sessions throughout the morning which were themed around different SDGs. In between the sessions, delegates could explore the conference posters and animation, and network over some tasty refreshments. One of the students who showcased her work said: “presenting at the conference has moved my work on to a more professional level and given me insights to ways forward”.

The conference saw academics, professional staff, and members of the public engage conversations across a variety of topics, and enjoy “being able to listen to students present their work and see their passions!” The day was a great success, and we hope the conference will become an annual event in the university calendar!

Check out the Conference posters here, or take a look at our photos from the day!

Applications to present at the London Student Sustainability Conference 2020 will open in Autumn 2019, and more information about the conference will be available here.


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