Network meeting – thank you

Thanks to everyone who contributed to today’s network meeting by presenting or paticipating. Information about language development, assessment and evidence-based practice was shared. We had  case presentations about co-work from a range of settings where SLTs and DLSs co-work.

Presentations will be shared over the next week. We will continue to plan for work on the four topics highlighted for action:

  • TALC project (Test of Abstract Language Comprehension) – BSL adaptation
  • Language sampling – sharing good practice
  • Local contacts – sharing information in local areas
  • Parent workshop – materials for increasing knowledge about how language supports good mental health

Please get in touch with feedback and suggestions from today, either via email or by adding comments to this blog.

We plan to hold another network event next year. Volunteers for presentations are welcome!

Save the date – 13th September 2022

We are planning a Speech and Language Therapist and Deaf Language Specialist network event on 13/9/22. We’re currently working out the details but hope to include theoretical presentations about BSL development and assessment, as well as practical examples of co-working. Any DLS and SLT colleagues who would like to develop their co-working can email for more information about the event.

The course is now available

The DOTDeaf course ‘Introduction to Language Therapy in BSL’ is now available at

Module 1 (Introduction) and module 2 (Typical language development) can be viewed from today, the next four modules will be available over the coming fortnight.

The course aims to support Speech and Language Therapists and Deaf Language Specialists to learn and work together supporting children who struggle with BSL.

The course is free to access, just register for a guest account if you are not a member of RCSLT.

Thanks to everyone who has enabled us to share this learning resource. Please share the link with others who are interested in this topic.

A Spanish/LSE version is also available at

See Hear – Deaf, little, and loud

Have you seen this BBC programme about deaf children communicating and learning together in BSL? It touches on many of the topics included in the DOTDeaf course – communication partners, opportunity for language use, everyday language learning with peers. Here’s the link to the BBC website – See Hear 

DOTDeaf – where next?

The DOTDeaf funded project has finished and we hope the UK course will soon be available on the RCSLT CPD website. The Spanish course is live and attracting many learners. In the UK we are meeting with key stakeholders to discuss future plans.

People have asked about career pathways, qualifications, modules for parents, modules on more specialist topics e.g. autism, physical sign difficulties.

We hope to support co-working through talks at Clinical Excellence Networks and other events. Perhaps this blog could be used to share intervention ideas?

If you have any ideas or suggestions for ‘next steps’, please let us know by commenting on this post.

RCSLT Sternberg Clinical Innovation Award

I am honoured to have been given this award for work on the DOTDeaf project.

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists will help share information about DOTDeaf with a wider audience of Speech and Language Therapists.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the initial research for the project, developing and reviewing the training modules, giving feedback, or attending DOTDeaf events. The project has been a fantastic example of co-working and co-production.

BATOD magazine article

We are pleased to have an article in this month’s BATOD magazine.

We hope this will help Deaf Language Specialists, Speech and Language Therapists, and teachers discuss their individual skills and opportunities for co-working with children who need support to develop their BSL.

Update on DOTDeaf

We have been working hard to share our work with colleages in North America and across Europe. Earlier this week, we presented at two events with very different audiences. One audience was people working with children who use a sign language, the other group were early stage researchers. We hope our coproduction of resources and diverse project teams can influence future work in research and practice.

We are waiting for final confirmation of the course ‘go live’ date. We hope the course will be available from January 2022. It will be free to access by anyone. We are excited about the learning platform the DOTDeaf course will be linked to. More information will be posted here as it is available!

Our webpages have been updated. Take a look at Web page –