Day: March 16, 2015

The Walking Reading Group and Beyond

The highly successful Walking Reading Group, facilitated by Lydia Ashman, Ania Bas and Simone Mair, finished it’s current iteration of walks with a flurry of activity this month.  Events included a suite of walks in Bilbao, a ‘Walking as Resistance’ walk around parliament and the surrounding area with texts and themes arising from the Human Rights…Continue Reading The Walking Reading Group and Beyond


Futurefest rightly describes itself as ‘Nesta’s flagship weekend event of immersive experiences, compelling performances and radical speakers to excite and challenge perceptions of the future.’ The event sprawled across the inspiring spaces of Vinopolis and brought together techies, thinkers, academics, artists, futurologists, journalists, writers, designers and robots. So many ideas that were conceptual at the beginning…Continue Reading Futurefest