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A first look at Blackboard Ally

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Julie and I had led on the procurement for an accessibility solution for Moodle. We worked with stakeholders on the requirements and reviewed tender documents and arranged product demonstrations. We were very excited to finally use Blackboard Ally on our Moodle modules so we could see how the requirements translated into practice. Olivia’s Blackboard Ally…Continue Reading A first look at Blackboard Ally

Comparing Teams and Zoom for an accessible online learning experience

Microsoft Teams and Zoom are two of the biggest platforms used for learning, collaborating and working. Each platform has its own identity, packed with must-have features and some hidden ones too! It can be hard deciding which is best for a particular event. But don’t worry, hopefully, this article will help guide you. Using Zoom…Continue Reading Comparing Teams and Zoom for an accessible online learning experience

Shared Experience, Different Perspectives: 10 things about #ALTc21

Screenshot of slide at keynote presentation at ALTc21 by Sonia Livingstone

In 2020, when so many events that would have once taken place in person switched to being fully online ones, I feasted at the newly laden CPD table, gorging on a seemingly far higher serving of webinars, conferences and group discussions than I’d typically attend in a ‘normal’ year. This meant a deeper and accelerated…Continue Reading Shared Experience, Different Perspectives: 10 things about #ALTc21

Developing Digital Education: a new module lifts off on 10th March

Before the pandemic you may have been able to get away with avoiding using technology in your teaching or seeing it as an optional extra. That all changed in March 2020 when City like all universities and schools, shifted to online learning. While many of us are back in the classroom, it’s  fair to say…Continue Reading Developing Digital Education: a new module lifts off on 10th March

ISLA Update – February 2022

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ISLA We are pleased to announce that a number of ISLA rooms have been signed off across Northampton Square. These include: C302, C309, A214, D104 and FG05. At Bunhill Row, most learning spaces on the 2nd and 3rd floors are now ISLA enabled for hybrid teaching. Further ISLA rooms will be signed off later this term….Continue Reading ISLA Update – February 2022

Online Fraud Prevention

As we use our computers, phones, and other devices to shop, bank online, and more, with all the convenience the internet brings, it’s important to be aware of potential risks. Spam and Junk Emails Spam or junk email is unsolicited or unwanted email which in most cases: Have poor spelling and grammar Ask or demand…Continue Reading Online Fraud Prevention

Library Services

SCONUL Access From Monday 15th November, City students can apply for SCONUL Access to access university libraries around the country. You can submit your application via SCONUL website. Not all university libraries have resumed their participation in the scheme – this means that City students will not be able to use these libraries (such as LSE and London Met). City University students can also use Senate…Continue Reading Library Services

LinkedIn Learning for Students

Introduction to LinkedIn Learning  In response to requests for training to enhance your digital and other employability skills, City is pleased to offer all students unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning worth £250.  The recent Student Digital Experience Insight Survey revealed that 46% of students who took the survey use online videos and resources to help…Continue Reading LinkedIn Learning for Students

Online Group Work and Learning

Using digital platforms to interact and communicate with fellow students has become the new normal over the past year. This transition to online learning can be a hard move, so it may be useful to expand your knowledge of social platforms and enhance your digital skills to fit the new hybrid working/studying environment. Here are…Continue Reading Online Group Work and Learning

Meet the Student Digital Assistants (SDAs)

The Student Digital Community We are the Student Digital Assistants who support the Learning Enhancement and Development Team (LEaD) with the Student Digital Community project. This is a safe space for you to access peer support and opportunities as well as interact with one another and join social and information events, meet new people and…Continue Reading Meet the Student Digital Assistants (SDAs)