Learning at City Conference 2021

Teach to Inspire: Showcasing good practice in higher education

The Covid pandemic led to a swift move from face to face and blended learning to many providing all learning fully online. Whilst for some, both students and academics, this has not always been positive there have been many exciting and inspiring teaching practices as a result of this.Even when things did not go as planned there has been good practice learnt from this and others would benefit from the sharing of these experiences.


Thanks to all who participated in and attended the conference.

Recordings and slides from some sessions will be available via this page in due course. 


Programme day one: Wednesday 30th June 2021

09:45 | Welcome and Introduction – Professor David Bolton, Professor Susannah Quinsee and Professor Pam Parker

Recording of Welcome:

10:00 | Key Note – Dr Gustav Kuhn -Enhancing student engagement through magic  

[Session chair – Professor Pam Parker]

11:00 | Break & networking

11:25 | Session 1

1A  [Workshop] The playful pivot: how a compassionate approach to teaching was moved online | Dr Jessica Hancock

[Session chair – Martin Rich]

1B  [Workshop] The path and the map: Using Moodle tools to create a structured route for students through a module | Kathryn Drumm, Olivia Fox and James Brailey

[Session chair – Miranda Melcher]

1C  [Papers x2] 

31 Days of December – supporting students to practise their phonetics skills over the winter break using h5p | Professor Rachael-Anne Knight, Steve McCombe and Thomas Hanley

Helping nursing student’s provide empathetic care to vulnerable older people through e-simulation | Janet Hunter and Dr Kerry Reid-Searle

[Session chair – Richard Evans]

12:30 | Lunch break & Networking

13:00 | Poster presentations

[Session chair – Professor Pam Parker]

13:35 | Session 2

2A [Workshop] EVOLI- a video tagging tool for an enhanced flipping learning approach | Elisabetta Lando

[Session chair – Lisa Baker]

2B [Workshop] Teaching development during the “digital pivot”: experiences from City staff | Dr Jane Secker, Dr Jessica Hancock, Dr Julie Voce with Jim Grice, Jennifer Gerson, Jonatan Echebarria Fernandez and Qianhui Li from the Academic Practice module EDM116 -Technology Enabled Academic Practice

[Session chair – Dr Julie Voce]

2C [Papers x 2]

News on Stage: Using ‘live journalism’ to enhance storytelling techniques and raise ethical questions with journalism students | Dr Glenda Cooper

How to square a circle – redesigning an individual project module reducing academic staff load and improving the students’ experience | Dr Cristina Gacek

[Session chair – Rae Bowdler]

14:40 | Session 3

3A [Workshop] Curriculum design SOS: Supporting learning and teaching approaches in a time of COVID | Sarah Ney, Professor Rachael-Anne Knight, Geraldine Foley and Peter Kogan

[Session chair – Olivia Fox]

3B [Papers x 2]

Improving Retention in Therapeutic Radiography: Delivering an intervention to enable clinical supervisors to support and nurture students to achieve their full potential | Richard Thorne and Dr Ricardo Khine

Using service user facilitated knowledge sharing days to develop empathy in radiography students | Dr Edwin Abdurakman, Sophie Willis, Dr Irene Ctori, Susanna Glover (Patient Experience Lead, Breast Cancer Now) and Amanda Hobson Jones, (Volunteer Breast Cancer Now)

[Session chair – Professor Pam Parker]

15:45 | End of day Networking

Programme day two: Thursday 1st July 2021

09:45 | Welcome and Introduction –  Professor Susannah Quinsee and Professor Pam Parker

10:00 | Key Note – Ruqaiyah Javaid SU VP Education City Students’ Union –  Learning and Teaching in a pandemic: What to keep and what to throw away?’

Recording of the session:

[Session chair – Professor Pam Parker]

11:00 | Break & networking

11:25 | Session 4

4A [Workshop] City Vista: A blended learning interactive video programme for nursing students preparing for mental health placements in NHS hospitals | James Rutherford and Lorna Saunder

[Session chair – Rae Bowdler]

4B [Papers x 2]

Virtually clinical:  placement experience on a virtual platform | Maggie Parks

Virtual teaching clinics during COVID-19 at a university optometry school-lessons learnt | Dr Ahalya Subramanian

[Session chair – Professor Pam Parker]

12:30 | Lunch and networking

13:35 | Session 5

5A [Workshop] Addressing contested problems through the craft of paper-folding and the arts of writing and drawing | Professor Clive Holtham and Monica Biagioli

[Session chair – Emma Guilbert]

5B [Papers x 2]

Understanding student digital literacies at City, University of London | Dr Julie Voce and Lauren Regan

Learning Analytics: Supporting the Student Journey | Ethan Henry

[Session chair – Rae Bowdler]

5C [Papers x 2]

Groupwork in MS teams channels: supporting socialised learning for legal skills in the covid-19 pandemic classroom | Professor Elaine Fahey

Adding a peer contribution element to group assignments on Moodle with the updated peer assessment activity | Lisa Baker and Dr Russell Gerrard

[Session chair – Richard Knott]

14:40 | Session 6

6A [Workshop] Creative Teaching Online and Student Impact: Take Part in a Creative Digital Experience | Johanna Payton and Dr Jane Secker

[Session chair – Richard Evans]

6B [Papers x 2] 

Enhancing learning from your Screencast Lectures, with the addition of captions and transcripts; findings and insights from the LEaD pilot of a student caption correction service | Sandra Partington, Sandra Guzman Rodriguez and Maria Kaffa

Teaching online: 15 years, 10 lessons | Dominic Pates

[Session chair – Rae Bowdler]

6C [Papers x 2] 

Critical success factors for postgraduate distance education courses in the UK: a systematic review of the literature | Dr Rebecca Wells

It takes two to Quiz | Dr Tatyana Micic

[Session chair – Kathryn Drumm]

15:45 | Closing points and celebration | Professor Anthony Finkelstein

Closing points and Celebration of awards for Postgraduate Certificates in Academic Practice and HEA Fellowships

Celebration Slides

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Recording of the session:

16:15 | End of conference networking session

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