An exciting development opportunity, CPD25 task groups.

cpd25 are currently looking for new people to become members of their task groups.

cpd25 is the Staff Development and Training programme of the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries.

This is an excellent development opportunity for anyone looking to increase their experience, build their skill set, and network with librarians from other institutions.

Members of a task group contribute to creating a series of training events and visits that focus on a different aspect of staff development.

There are four groups and each is made up of a team of librarians who share the workload, planning and hosting the events both online and in-person. Each group has a chairperson and 6-8 members and these members are from a cross-section of M25 member institutions, job roles and levels.

Discuss this with your line manager in the first instance. Currently there are two City people on groups, Martin Edwards (Task group 4) and Richard Hornshaw (Task group 3). You can contact either of us if you fancy a chat about the role and our experiences.

To learn more and apply for a role on a task group visit the cpd25 website.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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