Month: June 2017

cpd25: Digital Librarianship @ the British Library

On Friday, I attended an interesting talk about the digital side of librarianship. Part of the cpd25 Aspects training programme, it was situated in the British Library’s Knowledge Centre. From this session, I hoped to gain a little more insight into what digital librarianship involved as I felt this was something missing when undertaking my…Continue Reading cpd25: Digital Librarianship @ the British Library

Reflections on LILAC 2017

I was fortunate this year to have the opportunity to attend LILAC 2017 in Swansea in April.  LILAC is the Librarians’ Information Literacy Annual Conference which is a 3 day event which attracts national and international delegates.  There are keynotes, workshops, presentations  and networking opportunities on  many different aspects of information literacy. In my free time, …Continue Reading Reflections on LILAC 2017