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Winter Wellbeing Masterclass

I recently attended this in-house masterclass.  The presenter was Dr Sam Watts, who has worked in cancer research at Southampton Hospital and at the Department of Primary Care at the University of Southampton and now runs an Ayurvedic clinic/health food shop in West Sussex. The aim of the talk was to provide an evidence based…Continue Reading Winter Wellbeing Masterclass

Storytelling masterclass

Once upon-a-time, in the bowels of College Building, our two adventurers, James and Rachel, set out to discover how the technique of story telling can be used to create great presentations. I signed up to this morning masterclass with the aim to make my presentations more engaging.  Whilst it was not run in the way…Continue Reading Storytelling masterclass

CityUniWomen: Networking

I hate networking.  In fact, I hate talking to people I don’t know; I often don’t like talking to people I do know.  By attending the CityUniWomen event Getting the most from your networking on 15th May I hoped to get over this fear in order to make networking events slightly more pleasurable.  Thankfully, the session…Continue Reading CityUniWomen: Networking

Taking care of your stress bucket

To mark University Mental Health Day on 7th March,  an activity was run across all library sites during four days at the beginning of March. Its goal was to give us a safe space to discuss mental wellbeing in the workplace for our benefit and the benefit of our users. Have you ever heard of…Continue Reading Taking care of your stress bucket

Enabling learning through storytelling

Reblogged from: I recently attended a lunchtime workshop run by the City Academy on narratives and  storytelling based on a performance arts approach. I’m interested in both using the telling of stories or experiences to explain concepts but also in hearing the narratives of students. The basic idea of this is that the use…Continue Reading Enabling learning through storytelling