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Learning with blogs

The theme for this month’s LEaD Writing Group was – Learning with blogs. We explored our own experiences together with observations of how our students have learnt with blogs. A number of themes emerged: Learning through reading Blogs can provide a good source of information and a way to get different views on the world….Continue Reading Learning with blogs

A group for writing

First Weds and Thurs of every month, in B310

Following this year’s Learning at City conference, a few members of LEaD have set up a writing group. The idea is to provide a supportive community and environment for City academics and Professional Services staff to find some time to write, pick up new tips or techniques, or to gain support in writing for the…Continue Reading A group for writing

Reading about writing

The second LEaD Writing Group sessions took place last week. As usual, there was a good combination of lively discussion, sharing of ideas and time to focus on writing. In the session we looked at the idea that, “reading and writing go hand in hand” (Goodson, 2013, p. 34). Reading good writing can help you…Continue Reading Reading about writing

LEaD writing group – Freewriting technique

Last week the first Blog Writing Group sessions took place. The group meets monthly, on the first Wednesday and Thursday of the month and all staff are welcome to join. In each session, a different writing strategy is introduced, used and discussed.  In addition, we go into more depth about good blogging practice. Each month…Continue Reading LEaD writing group – Freewriting technique

Blogging together: social writing to encourage the sharing of good practice

Sandwich writing - participants discussing their ideas.

It was great to have so many participants at the Blogging Together workshop at the Learning at City conference last week. For those who were unable to attend, here is a brief outline and an invitation to join the Blog Writing Group. In the workshop, we looked at the motivations and challenges to sharing our…Continue Reading Blogging together: social writing to encourage the sharing of good practice

Goodbye ‘Educational Vignettes’, hello ‘Learning at City’

After 5 years, 473 posts, almost 300 comments, and over 12,000 unique visitors from dozens of different countries in this calendar year alone, this blog is entering a new phase. It starts with a new name – welcome to ‘Learning at City‘. The blog began as ‘Educational Vignettes’, launched as a WordPress site in 2011…Continue Reading Goodbye ‘Educational Vignettes’, hello ‘Learning at City’

Blogs for Learning and Teaching: More then just a passing phase

Blog wordle

Over the last few years, you may have found yourself subscribing to various blogs. These tend to provide bite sized information on areas that interest you. For instance our educational vignettes(created by the Learning Development Centre) enables the dissemination of case studies, reviews, and guidance on learning and teaching in general. However you may have…Continue Reading Blogs for Learning and Teaching: More then just a passing phase