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Creative Large Group Teaching – the aftermath

Thank you to all those that attended and participated in our workshop session at the Learning at City Conference.  In our session we introduced a number of techniques and technologies that could be used to enable creative large group teaching.  We talked about how education is changing and our learning spaces need to reflect these…Continue Reading Creative Large Group Teaching – the aftermath

Flexible learning spaces at City exhibition

At City we are creating world class learning spaces in keeping with our strategy.  A number of spaces have now been refurbished as flexible learning spaces enabling interactive, collaborative learning and supporting students to use their own electronic devices.  It is proposed that every campus building will soon have at least one flexible learning space…Continue Reading Flexible learning spaces at City exhibition

Creative large group teaching

Around a fifth of all teaching at City occurs in rooms that fit 80 or more students.  Lecture theatres with more than 150 seats and more than 200 seats currently report almost back to back teaching according to timetabling.  Is teaching in large groups the best way for students to learn?  What are the alternatives…Continue Reading Creative large group teaching