Creative Large Group Teaching – the aftermath

Thank you to all those that attended and participated in our workshop session at the Learning at City Conference.  In our session we introduced a number of techniques and technologies that could be used to enable creative large group teaching.  We talked about how education is changing and our learning spaces need to reflect these requirements.  If large group teaching is set to increase it is essential that we support those sessions to be as valuable as possible to students.  To this end we explored:

  • Swivel seating: Room layouts that enable students to participate in group work within large group spaces.  This could include swivel seating or other models.
  • Polleverywhere: An online audience response system where students use electronic devices to text, tweet or submit responses online.  This could be multiple choice or free text answers.  Participants borrowed iPads for this session as students are able to when academics book out iPads from SASS or the LDC.
  • Box of Broadcasts: Using clips from terrestrial TV in the classroom.
  • Flipped lectures: This involves giving students material to study prior to a session and engaging in interactive activities during the session.  We asked attendees to participate in the session by using the example of writing and marking a student essay.
  • Lecture capture: Recording of the front of the learning space and accompanying screen activity that can be accessed via Moodle.  This will be rolled out across the campus in certain spaces from this September.

To find out more about any of these technologies or techniques do contact the LDC or your educational technologist.

Learning Spaces group meets regularly to discuss learning spaces at City and each school has a Learning Space champion.  To get involved or find out more, do contact the LDC.  You can also find out more about City’s current building programme here.

This is a gratuitous picture of an inspiring lecture theatre from a KI Furnishing Knowledge brochure



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