Assessment Improvements in Moodle 3

Assessment and feedback is at the heart of the student experience and there are a number of improvements in Moodle 3 to support online assessment.

Activity Results block
Activity Results block

Activity Results block
As well as displaying Quiz results in competitive league tables, a new Activity Results block can display scores from any graded or rated activity on your module to students. This can help students to identify their performance on a graded activity in comparison to the rest of the class. You can choose the privacy level of the Activity Results block – it can display student names or anonymous results.

Quizzes can have section headings which can provide additional structure to long Quiz activities. You can also make question display conditional on students answering a previous question. This is a useful feature for scenario-based quizzes where your questions progressively reveal more information about the scenario.

Grade to pass
Lecturers will have the ability to set a Grade to pass in assessment set up. This value is used in Activity completion, and in the Grader report, where pass grades are highlighted in green and fail grades in red. This setting has been available via the Grader report, but is very rarely used as it is quite difficult to find. However, this can be a very powerful setting in supporting students in tracking their progress and ensuring that they are meeting required learning outcomes.

How to Moodle have created a really informative video explaining how to use this setting in conjunction with Quiz and Activity completion.

Return of the Admin block
The Administration block will return to all pages except Grader report to support staff in editing activities and resources. We anticipate this block will be particularly helpful for staff updating Assignment Due dates and Descriptions after rollover.

Grade Overview Report   
Lecturers can view students’ Grade Overview Report which displays Course totals across modules where the Course total is visible and the user is enrolled as a Lecturer on the module. This could be a useful feature for Personal Tutors to get an overview of a student’s progress across their modules, where course totals are visible.

Turnitin improvements

  • For programmes using the Turnitin assignment there is a new option to Notify Non-Submitters. This allows you to email students who have not yet submitted an assignment to remind them to submit Turnitin assignments prior to deadline.
  • Contextual help is now available with access to the Turnitin support wizard within Turnitin assignments.

Assignment rollover

  • Text help in the Rollover tool to alert staff that Moodle assignments with the Turnitin plugin enabled will not rollover as they expire after a set time period.
  • Reminder in rollover confirmation email for staff to update assignment due dates.

This post is part of a series exploring what’s new in Moodle 3.

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