Learning Analytics Project Update – October 2019

The Learning Analytics Project (LeAP) is a project that focuses on implementing a central data dashboard to provide staff with a clearer picture of student engagement with educational activities across modules and programmes. The dashboard’s visualisations could help staff to identify which students are at risk and those students can be provided with appropriate, tailored and timely support to help them succeed. By helping students succeed, LeAP could assist City in achieving its KPIs around progression and the student experience.

Phase 1: Summer 2016 – Summer 2019

This phase involved co-designing a learning analytics system with Jisc, consulting staff and students on the use of learning analytics, implementation investigations, a review of current products and a final recommendations report. One key recommendation was that the LeAP team conduct a requirements gathering exercise and tendering process to ensure that the right learning analytics solution is selected for City.

Phase 2: Summer 2019 onwards
In July 2019, the Learning Analytics Project Board agreed that the LeAP team would conduct a requirements gathering exercise and tendering process to select a permanent learning analytics solution for City. The requirements gathering will start in November 2019 by running focus groups with staff and students to collect their requirements for a learning analytics system.  Those requirements will be included in a formal tender expected to take place in Spring/Summer 2020.

Following the tender process, the LeAP team will run a pilot of the system that wins the tender.  If the pilot is successful, a phased institutional rollout will commence from September 2021 onwards.

If you would like further information about LeAP, please contact Mimi Weiss Johnson (mimi.weiss@city.ac.uk).




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One thought on “Learning Analytics Project Update – October 2019

  1. Hi Mimi, this project sounds really helpful especially for new courses with lots of WP and younger students. I think students would appreciate being contacted by staff when they are struggling.

    There is a new course in SHS. Staff and perhaps students from the course may be interested in attending the focus groups in November. Maybe we could have a chat about this, when you’ve time? Thanks Sally

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