LEaDER Lecture – Daring to be Different – Innovations in Simulation 30th October 2019

Professor Kerry Reid –Searl is a Professor in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Central Queensland University Australia. Kerry has been involved in undergraduate nursing for the past 30 years and is also a practicing nurse with a background in paediatrics. Kerry’s teaching innovation has led to numerous awards some of which include the being named as Pearson/Australian Nurse Teacher Society- Nurse Teacher of the Year in 2009 and in 2012, an Australian University Teaching Excellence Award and more recently this year being awarded a member of the order of Australia for her contribution to nursing education.

Kerry focused her lecture on two simulation techniques termed Mask Ed and Pup Ed. These innovative teaching techniques focus on patient centred care and allow learners to experience humanistic and realistic simulation experiences in the most innovative way. Kerry spoke passionately about her experiences with Mask Ed first and showed a video of students interacting with Mask Ed who she is dressed as above. This was an excellent insight into how students viewed learning with Ed and other examples. Kerry then moved to discuss her work with Pup Ed and children again an innovative approach to working with children across a range of areas. Kerry’s imagination did not stop here though and throughout the lecture she spoke passionately about her many innovations with hospital simulation, sepsis training and many more. This was a truly inspiring talk and her approaches to simulation have been used across the world.

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