Moodle 3.8 Assessment Improvements

Moodle 3.8 brings some minor improvements to assessment features. The table below outlines these changes and how they will impact on the student and staff experience.

Feature Application
Option for students to Clear my choice when responding to Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in Quiz. Students can change their mind after selecting an option and submit no option in an MCQ by selecting Clear my choice.
Tag your Quiz questions.  Better organise your questions with tags. 
Edit menu on Quiz questions. The row of edit icons for quiz questions has been replaced with an Edit menu to improve the editing interface for Quiz questions. 
Hide grader name from students and delete assignments submitted in error to the Moodle Assignment activity.
  • Assignment has an option to not display the grader’s name to students. 
  • Moodle site admin (IT) will have the ability to delete student assignment files submitted in error.
And and or are available in if-conditions for grade calculations. Apply more nuanced calculations in the Grader Report.













Assessment Improvements


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This post is part of our series, What’s new in Moodle 3.8.

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