Igniting creativity in assessment design and feedback

A new Assessment Design and Feedback module

As you welcome the new academic year, are you considering modifying or designing a new assessment for a module or programme? Do you want to infuse some creativity into your assessment and feedback strategies? Are you keen to explore the dynamic relationship between technology and pedagogy? If so, our module on the MA in Academic Practice – EDM 126 Assessment Design and Feedback – is ideal for you!

This module is designed to deepen your understanding of the core concepts, practices, and theories of assessment and feedback in higher education. We shall explore how to design meaningful, authentic, and inclusive assessments congruent with the purposes and priorities of a range of stakeholders’ perspectives and requirements.

This module will introduce you to emerging technologies, including AI, and how they are shaping assessment and feedback practices in higher education. We’ll discuss how to play creatively with the potential of these technologies whilst casting a critical eye on their limitations and any challenges they might bring.

We’ll also attempt to untangle the complexity of feedback as we examine how to design and manage effective feedback strategies, including formative, summative, and multimodal approaches, designed to promote student engagement with feedback processes and facilitate learning.

Sounds intriguing? For more information and/or to register for the module, please visit the City and Learning hub City Teaching and Learning hub. – or contact me, Dr. Clare Tyrer at clare.tyrer@city.ac.uk or  MAAP@city.ac.uk.


(image created using the AI tool, DALL-E)


Please note the revised 2023 dates of the module:

  • 11th October
  • 25th October
  • 15th November
  • 6th December






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