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Improved Kaltura Video Player

Kaltura has an improved and more accessible player for the coming academic year. Interactive Transcript The player provides an Interactive Transcript feature that can be displayed or hidden. Students can play the video and follow the transcript. The text is highlighted as the video plays. Students can search for a specific word or term and…Continue Reading Improved Kaltura Video Player

Video for learning: Mediaspace enhancements

Welcome to the third blog post in my series on enhancements to the video and audio tools available to staff and students at City, University of London. In this post I will be discussing some of the general feature enhancements that have been brought to Mediaspace, and some suggestions for how they can be used….Continue Reading Video for learning: Mediaspace enhancements

Video for learning: new tools for staff

The Educational Technology Team are passionate about helping staff and students at City get the most out of tools for teaching and learning. In particular, this summer we have been working hard to upgrade and improve the Mediaspace platform which allows staff and students to create, publish and share educational video and multimedia. In a…Continue Reading Video for learning: new tools for staff

Planned upgrade to Kaltura Mediaspace

This summer, City’s online platform for educational video – Kaltura Mediaspace – will be getting an update to introduce new features to make video more interactive and more accessible. As part of this update, the Kaltura tools in Moodle will be upgraded on Tuesday 14th June. This upgrade brings the Video Resource and Video Assignment…Continue Reading Planned upgrade to Kaltura Mediaspace

Staff training in Video Technologies

In November and December, the Educational Technology team in LEaD are holding a series of information roadshow sessions introducing staff to Mediaspace, City’s online platform for creating, sharing and publishing educational video. Mediaspace offers staff (and students) a range of tools to allow you to record video, share videos you have created, and publish them…Continue Reading Staff training in Video Technologies

Video-making Skills at City

Video People

There is a sizable video community at City University (learning technologists, the AV department, the SU and careers to name just a few) and we recently met up in the MILL to find out: How we see our current skill levels in video-making Which areas of video-making we would like to develop Which areas could…Continue Reading Video-making Skills at City

Moodle video: Analytics steal the show

Using online videos for education is fast becoming one of the ways in which lecturers can really share the outside world with students or demonstrate challenging concepts. Video management and publishing are therefore, becoming a core part of the modern day university – from teaching and learning, video assignments, and management of lecture capture content…Continue Reading Moodle video: Analytics steal the show