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2021 Writing Group dates

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Last term, like many other activities typically run in-person, Jane and I took our monthly LEaD Writing Group online. The final session of the year included a marvellous guest appearance from Johanna Peyton from the Journalism department. Jo gave a fascinating talk on unlocking your creativity, which can be found in full in the video…Continue Reading 2021 Writing Group dates

Virtualising the LEaD Writing Group

As some of you may know, we run the LEaD Blog Writing group, which is an informal network of colleagues who are interested in carving out some time each month to focus on getting some writing done or to get some technical assistance with using the blogging tools that City makes available. The sessions are…Continue Reading Virtualising the LEaD Writing Group

How best to emulate the use of the whiteboard in online lectures?

Demonstrating via hand written exposition is a powerful and essential teaching tool for many subjects. How then might we emulate this experience in the current online teaching scenarios? Using a tablet might be the answer, as iPads, Tablets and Microsoft Surface devices all have built in tools to help replicate our teaching Pods, the short…Continue Reading How best to emulate the use of the whiteboard in online lectures?

LEaD Writing Group – Developing your creativity

This month’s theme for the LEaD Writing Group was creativity. We started by using an activity suggested by Heather Leach in The Road to Somewhere: A Creative Writing Companion. Stretch the imaginative muscle (Leach, 2014). Choose any object that you have around you. In our case, I gave the participants a book. Make a list…Continue Reading LEaD Writing Group – Developing your creativity

LEaD Writing Group – Review

The LEaD Writing Group has been running for just over 6 months now. The group was set up to encourage more staff to contribute to the Learning at City blog and to provide a time and space for people to do some writing. The sessions aim to provide activities to help staff to develop their writing…Continue Reading LEaD Writing Group – Review

A group for writing

First Weds and Thurs of every month, in B310

Following this year’s Learning at City conference, a few members of LEaD have set up a writing group. The idea is to provide a supportive community and environment for City academics and Professional Services staff to find some time to write, pick up new tips or techniques, or to gain support in writing for the…Continue Reading A group for writing

Finding time to write

This month’s LEaD Writing Group focused on one of the principal challenges when it comes to writing –  finding time to do it. As Eviatar Zerubavel (1999) observes, we can have a romantic vision of the bohemian writer scribbling away furiously when inspiration seizes them. However, reality often shows that this is a myth. Most writers…Continue Reading Finding time to write

Reading about writing

The second LEaD Writing Group sessions took place last week. As usual, there was a good combination of lively discussion, sharing of ideas and time to focus on writing. In the session we looked at the idea that, “reading and writing go hand in hand” (Goodson, 2013, p. 34). Reading good writing can help you…Continue Reading Reading about writing

LEaD writing group – Freewriting technique

Last week the first Blog Writing Group sessions took place. The group meets monthly, on the first Wednesday and Thursday of the month and all staff are welcome to join. In each session, a different writing strategy is introduced, used and discussed.  In addition, we go into more depth about good blogging practice. Each month…Continue Reading LEaD writing group – Freewriting technique

Showcasing excellent teaching and learning at Cass Business School

On 7th May 2014, the Cass Business School held its fourth annual Teaching and Learning Showcase. Themed on excellence in teaching and learning, it featured inspiring talks from Cass lecturers, as well as colleagues from other Schools at City University London. The showcase was jointly organised by key members of the Cass Teaching and Learning…Continue Reading Showcasing excellent teaching and learning at Cass Business School