Career Development Day ‘The shape of the profession in the future’

Name: CPD25 Career Development Day ‘The shape of the profession in the future’


Ludi Price – City University London

Lyn Robinson – City University London

Antony Loveland – British Museum

Russell Kennedy – University of East London

Matthew Lawson – Middlesex University

Erica Sosna – The Life Project




Place: Park Crescent Conference Centre

I recently attended a CPD25 Career Development Day called ‘The shape of the profession in the future’. The day was organised by Helena Fitzgerald from St Mary’s University and our very own Samantha Halford. It was attended by 15 people from various universities, most of which are at the beginning of their library career.

Over the course of the day we were treated to talks about the LIS and any future prospects of the profession, with some of the speakers focused on careers within the profession, offering advice based on their own experience, on how to get to the next stage of the career ladder. The afternoon session consisted of a workshop where life- and work decisions were compared to the heroic journey and how to recognise opportunities when the knock on our door.

The day was a great success offering a rather optimistic view of the future of the profession and career prospects within it. ‘Librarianship is not dead…’, ‘There will still be librarians in the future, we might just be called something else…’.

Whilst all the speakers gave an interesting talk, were keen on audience participation and encouraged questions during their session, the favourite has to be Erica Sosna and the ‘Heroic Journey’.

You can find out more about her and download a chapter from her book on:

It was a highly enjoyable day and I am very grateful to Samantha and Helena for organising it.

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