Winter Wellbeing Masterclass

I recently attended this in-house masterclass.  The presenter was Dr Sam Watts, who has worked in cancer research at Southampton Hospital and at the Department of Primary Care at the University of Southampton and now runs an Ayurvedic clinic/health food shop in West Sussex.

The aim of the talk was to provide an evidence based overview of how to use a range of Ayurvedic approaches to optimise our immunity and resistance.  The core message was that if we can maintain optimal balance in the body, optimal health will follow – and this is under our own direct control.  Signs of toxicity in the body include waking up tired after a good night’s sleep, feeling lethargic, having a coating on the tongue, feeling heavy and slow … and so on, and I could recognise all these symptoms!  Seventy per cent of our immune system lives in the gut and, if this is disturbed by the build up of toxicity, it opens the door to illness, infection, colds etc.

Sam Watts’ suggestions to counter this are to

  • start the day with a warm drink (lemon & ginger is best) not cold water
  • increase consumption of bitter, pungent herbs (e.g. garlic, ginger, cayenne, cinnamon, fennel etc.)
  • regular daily exercise
  • Triphala supplement
  • boost nutrition by cutting back on refined sugar, processed foods and increase consumption of fruit, vegetables & hot herbal teas
  • eating meals at regular times, and not after 8pm

We had the chance to taste Chyawanprash, an Indian herbal remedy which boosts the immune system – and could be effective in the treatment of Alzheimer’s.  I was glad to hear you only need a teaspoon a day, as it retails at £14.95 a jar!

If, despite all this, you still get a cold, he recommended elderberry syrup and/or andrographis.

Although at times I felt Sam was promoting items that he sells in his shop, I was still enthused by him and the knowledge that his recommendations are based on his medical training and research.

If anyone is interested in finding out more I can share the Powerpoint presentation or check out the website





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