SDWG Snacks – July 2022

This is our monthly selection of “snacks” that you can take a bite of when you need some inspiration, either for your well-being, development or to improve your digital skills.  Please let us know if you have something you want to share, either wellbeing, work or home-related.


With holidays and summer travel in mind, Pressreader has a great range of magazine titles available on the great outdoors as well as several other categories to help your leisure and adventure!

Personal and Professional Development

The Develop@City day earlier this month was a very enjoyable and rewarding event for many colleagues.   City’s Organisational Development team have made slides, handouts and other materials from the day available through the Develop@City channel in their Wellbeing@City Teams site, for the benefit of those who attended as well as those of us who missed out!

If you haven’t already subscribed, search for CUoL-Wellbeing@City on Teams.


Digital Skills – Excel for beginners

Building on the beginner’s tips featured last month, the LinkedIn Learning content here is pitched at the Intermediate level – all you need to know about VLOOKUP and PivotTable functions





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