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School of Science & Technology symposium

Developing Socially Responsible Professionals (SRP)  (4th National Symposium)  11th January 2023  I was fortunate to be able to attend the symposium held here at City, University of London. The speakers were from a wide variety of places and subjects. The first keynote speaker was Victoria Baines of Gresham College (providing free public lectures since 1597) speaking on…Continue Reading School of Science & Technology symposium

The Final Flurry

The Beast from the East and Storm Emma are wreaking havoc with the UK: it’s freezing, snowing, blowing a gale; and I have started the final two modules of my MA in Linfoservagement.  Final. Two. Modules. (Apart from the ‘D’ word that is, let’s not go there…). In your face Weather. Despite the Autumn semester…Continue Reading The Final Flurry

Business Librarians Association Conference

Ok, so here’s how not to do  a conference report, leave it 3 months before writing it up for Staff Development blog! My apologies to all but here at last is my summary report of the Business Librarians Association Conference which I attended in July at Leicester University (co-hosted with Leicester De Montford). The conference…Continue Reading Business Librarians Association Conference