Month: September 2014

Introducing the Blended Learning Theme

Blended Learning is increasing in popularity as an effective way to meet diverse learner requirements and offer increased flexibility for students through the integration of resources and activities in an online environment with face-to-face teaching. The Blended Learning Theme works with academics and professional staff providing expert advice and guidance in combining online elements with…Continue Reading Introducing the Blended Learning Theme

Role Plays for Small Group Teaching in City’s New Learning Spaces

Theatre Masks

Role play is a great way of encouraging students to explore their own behaviours and those of others in a simulated way. It allows a safe and secure environment in which students can practice their attitudes and behaviours to simulations and receive feedback from their tutors and their fellow students. Take a look at the…Continue Reading Role Plays for Small Group Teaching in City’s New Learning Spaces

RAISE your expectations of student engagement

Sometimes I go to conferences and worry that I’ll be bored witless, that I’ll come away with buzzwords and platitudes. But at the fourth Researching, Advancing and Inspiring Student Engagement conference, I found a communtiy. What’s more, I found a fervour around student engagement which I hadn’t necessarily picked up on during my previous conference…Continue Reading RAISE your expectations of student engagement

External Examiners Moodle 2.6 Guidance

Audience: City University staff & External Examiners External Examiners – Guidance updated for Moodle 2.6 External Examiners play an important part in maintaining high, nationally comparable, standards for programmes at City. To help enhance our programmes and observe fair practice in the assessment of students’ academic performance, staff from outside the institution may be asked…Continue Reading External Examiners Moodle 2.6 Guidance

Educational Technology Team Projects

Educational Technology Projects:  The Educational Technology Team supports the use of educational technology through professional development, guidance, consultancy and building relationships. We work across the three themes of Blended Learning, Multimedia and Learning Spaces. Beyond our every day support work and relationship building, we organise the work that we do into projects.  These can range from small activities such…Continue Reading Educational Technology Team Projects

Moodle Induction Video

Audience: City University students and staff. New to City University London? Using Moodle for the first time? Have a look at  Moodle Induction Video which is now available. This video provides an introduction to City’s Online Learning Environment for new students and is a useful refresher for returning students.   The video is presented by…Continue Reading Moodle Induction Video

How to kick start your lecture!

Picture the following scenario. You are about to give a lecture to a large cohort of students. It is minutes before the lecture and you are standing behind the lectern arranging your notes. You look at your watch and realise that it is now almost time to start. The class is filled with students leisurely…Continue Reading How to kick start your lecture!

Introducing the Multimedia theme of LEaD

At City we are seeing more and more people using multimedia to create revision presentations, online lectures for use in approaches such as the flipped classroom, demonstrations of clinical or experimental procedures, and simulations of professional practice. We’ve seen staff present their work at events such as the Learning at City conference, Health’s Got Talent,…Continue Reading Introducing the Multimedia theme of LEaD

Drug Calculations Tool – an eLearning Project

A Nurse Using eLearning

I’m Neil Goldwasser, a Dyslexia Support Tutor in Learning Success, one of the 3 areas that make up LEaD, and I’ve recently designed an eLearning resource in consultation with Peter Bentley, Senior Lecturer in the School of Health Sciences. I’d like to present the results of the project so far, to demonstrate the pedagogical benefits…Continue Reading Drug Calculations Tool – an eLearning Project