Who’s your audience? I am!

In our blog writing guidance, we suggest you write with an audience in mind. We discussed this topic in February’s Blog Writing Group.

It can be a challenge to think who your audience is. Joseph Lalonde recommends having a specific person in mind to write to. This could be:

Image of an audience enjoying a rock show
Who’s your audience?
  • Your past self
  • Your present self
  • Your future self
  • Someone you personally know
  • Someone that interests you

Lalonde’s advice prompted a variety of comments. One interesting reflection was – “Why do I read blogs? Because I have a defined common interest with the blogger”. It could be argued then it’s good writing to someone like yourself since the person reading is likely to have similar motivations. Nonetheless, it was interesting to note the difficulty we all had in picturing our present and future selves. Perhaps something we can work on through our blogging?

One participant spoke of agonising over trying to ‘get it right’ and to ‘reach everybody’. She said that Lalonde’s advice was especially timely since she was currently writing a blog aimed at students. Therefore, it was helpful to think of writing to a student she knew in that situation.

What about you? Who do you write to when you blog?

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