Can you help us to improve Moodle?


Last academic year we redesigned Moodle. We would like to get insights into how usable the design is and to get feedback on your satisfaction with the redesign.

Moodle Module Page with Module Dashboard displaying on comuter screen
New Moodle Design

We are inviting staff to give their feedback through “Thinking Aloud Tests”. This will involve undertaking tasks on Moodle and describing what you see, think, like, dislike, and what you would do next as you undertake these tasks. There are no right or wrong answers. You are not being tested – Moodle is. Your interactions with Moodle and an audio of your description of what you are doing will be recorded. These sessions are part a research project on Evaluating the usability of a Moodle redesign for staff and students at City, University of London. 

Your feedback will help to inform the continued development of Moodle both at City and in the wider Moodle community. Recommendations arising from this study will be shared with City’s Moodle development team to support improvements to Moodle. This helps ensure that each year Moodle is easier to use and supports a diversity of teaching and learning requirements. 

 All staff participants will receive a £15 Amazon voucher for taking part in this study. The sessions will take place in B310 in Univeristy Building for an hour between 27-28 November.   

Please review the Participant Information Sheet(s) for further information on this research project and to help you decide if you want to take part. If you are interested sign up on our booking form and the Research Team will be in touch to confirm your booking. If our study is over-subscribed, we will randomly select staff after organising them by School to ensure representation from across City. 

Register your interest in participating in a User Evaluation session on our booking form.

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