Research and Practice Informed Teaching Case Studies: Professor Scott Moeller

In the second of our Research and Practice Informed Teaching case studies we hear from Professor Scott Moeller, who has been teaching at Cass Business School since 2003. Scott is director of the Mergers and Acquisitions Research Centre at Cass and the former CEO and Director of Executive Education. He has twenty-four years of industry experience, having worked for a variety of organisations including Deutsche Bank, Booz Allen & Hamilton, and Morgan Stanley. Scott uses his industry experience to share real-world case studies with his students, giving them valuable insights into issues they may face in their future careers.

To find out more watch the video above or read the accompanying transcript and information sheet (Scott Moeller Info Sheet).

Next time we’ll hear from Senior Lecturers Janet Hunter and Karen Rawlings-Anderson. Janet and Karen discuss the reciprocal relationship between their teaching and research, reflecting on how their innovations in teaching feed into their research.

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