Research and Practice Informed Teaching Case Studies: Janet Hunter and Karen Rawlings-Anderson, School of Health Sciences

In our third Research and Practice Informed Teaching Case Study we hear from Senior Lecturers Janet Hunter and Karen Rawlings-Anderson from the School of Health Sciences. Both Janet and Karen began their careers as nurses and have been teaching at City for nineteen and twenty-eight years respectively.

Janet and Karen have developed a range of innovative techniques to enhance their teaching. In this video they discuss their collaborative approach to developing pioneering teaching methods, explaining how they draw on student feedback to develop their practice and to contribute to their research.

To find out more watch the video or read the accompanying transcript and information sheet (Janet Hunter and Karen Rawlings-Anderson Info Sheet).

In our next post, we will hear from journalist and Visiting Lecturer, Paul Dunn, who draws on over forty years of industry experience in his work with postgraduate students at City.

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