Evaluating the DALI Project: A Post-Pandemic Perspective on City’s Learning Spaces

Evaluating the DALI Project: A Post-Pandemic Perspective on City’s Learning Spaces

Active learning space at FSQ
Active learning space, Bayes at Finsbury Square

City has undergone a significant transformation in its learning spaces through the Designing Active Learning Initiative (DALI) project since 2016. As the project has completed its final year of updates, it is time to assess its impact and relevance in the post-pandemic era. The DALI project has successfully revamped over 175 learning spaces, integrating advanced teaching technology and active learning facilities. The primary goal was to overcome traditional obstacles to active learning, by fostering equity, engagement, and enriched learning experiences within City’s teaching spaces. Now that the project has concluded, it is crucial to evaluate whether these objectives have been met and if the spaces remain fit for purpose. The DALI survey will gather valuable insights from the City community to guide future initiatives.

One of the key objectives of the DALI project was to create an environment conducive to active learning. By capitalizing on enhanced teaching technology, the project aimed to break down barriers impeding student engagement and collaboration. The survey will investigate how effectively these learning spaces have become hubs for active learning and if they continue to foster student participation.

The DALI project has also played a pivotal role in facilitating blended and hybrid learning approaches, such as ISLA. As higher education evolves, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of varied and engaging learning spaces is more significant than ever. ¬†This survey will explore how DALI has contributed to the adaptability of City’s learning spaces, ensuring they remain relevant now and in the future.

Beyond the physical aspects, DALI has opened up new avenues for accessibility and inclusivity. Lecture-capture capabilities, ISLA spaces, and digital inclusivity measures have been integrated to cater to a wider audience of students. The survey will ask respondents if these advancements align with the current needs of diverse student populations and if they contribute to an inclusive learning environment.

To gather these valuable insights, we invite you to participate in the final DALI survey. You stand a chance to win one of two £25 shopping vouchers. The DALI 2024 survey can be found here: Link to Qualtrics


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