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Educational Escape Rooms

A book called making escape rooms

At the LEaD away day this summer, we were introduced to the idea of gamifying teaching and learning. The Educational Technology team was inspired to bring aspects of gamification into our training sessions. This resulted in the Get Your Moodle Fix(ed) game at the start of this academic year. Soon after this, I spotted an…Continue Reading Educational Escape Rooms

My First ALT Conference

The many roles of an Educational Technologist

Personal Reflection on my first ALT Conference: The 2018 Association of Learning Technologists conference was held in Manchester from 10-13 September,  as it was both the first time I’ve attended and presented I was a little apprehensive about what to expect! What I found was a really warm welcome from the conference organisers and all…Continue Reading My First ALT Conference

On Confidence Grids

'Study skills confidence grid'

LEaD have a weekly Educational Technology drop-in session for academics or course office staff to have a space and some time to get support and/or advice without needing an appointment or a Service Now ticket. For us, it’s a great way to better understand some of the difficulties, challenges or questions that staff can have…Continue Reading On Confidence Grids

Blend your teaching to increase student engagement

Following on from Health’s Got Talent in June (see our previous blog post), we are sharing some of the excellent learning and teaching and practice presented at the event. In this post we will explore the use of technology to produce engaging content for students, with an example from Kat Millward in the School of…Continue Reading Blend your teaching to increase student engagement

Phasing Out Turning Point Clickers

TP Clickers

Turning Point Clickers have performed a faithful student response system service for many years across the University, being borrowed and returned in locations near and far, and this was an excellent system to prove how valuable response systems are for Teaching and Learning. However, like polaroids, yellow pages and casette tapes  the clickers system has…Continue Reading Phasing Out Turning Point Clickers

Getting Better: On Tech Bazaars in Aircraft Hangars (1/2)

Stephen Heppell on Bett Main Stage

2018 was my fourth year to attend Bett, one of the world’s largest educational technology trade events, and my third time as a speaker. This is the first of two posts, reflecting on the actual event itself and looking back on the session I convened as part of it. Setting the scene A comment often…Continue Reading Getting Better: On Tech Bazaars in Aircraft Hangars (1/2)

Copyright, technology and teaching

A few months ago I was honoured to find out I had been appointed to the Intellectual Property Office’s governance group, the Copyright Advisory Panel. This group is largely made up of senior representatives from the creative industries and I am the first member of the group to represent the higher education sector. The Panel…Continue Reading Copyright, technology and teaching

‘I’ll Skype You In’ – LEaD event for International City Week

Aviation UG seminar with remote guest speaker

Do you use tools like Skype or Adobe Connect in your teaching or collaborative research? Have you ever tried to bring a remote speaker into a seminar, or attempted a live collaboration between people at different sites? How well do your webinars run, when all participants are dispersed across different sites? On Wednesday Feb 21st…Continue Reading ‘I’ll Skype You In’ – LEaD event for International City Week

DALI lights up over 40 learning spaces – here at City

DALI work in progress

                      DALI  –  An update from the Designing Active Learning Initiative The transformation of City’s learning spaces is taking place over the summer months, for the second year running. From September 2017 City’s staff and students will benefit from the new DALI podium (Pod) in over 40 of the 200…Continue Reading DALI lights up over 40 learning spaces – here at City