Love your planet/Love our oceans

You may have seen the increased media attention around the damage plastics are doing to our planet, in particular our oceans.  But did you know there are simple steps you could take to reduce your plastic use:

1. Rather than buying bottled water, make use of the water fountains around campus. We have one on Level 3 of Northampton Square Library.

2. Purchase a reusable cup and get a discount on hot drinks on campus and at many high street stores.

3. Say no to plastic straws and disposable cutlery. It is possible to buy sets of travel or camping cutlery that you can store in a small case that easily fits into the pocket of a bag.

4. Take a bag with you when you go shopping. This will not only reduce your plastic use but also save you paying 5p for a new one. If you regularly buy loose fruit and vegetables, you could cut the waste even further by reusing plastic bags for your fruit and vegetables!

5. Avoid excessive food packaging. Record how much plastic you use over the course of a week and consider whether there are alternatives. If you are unable to avoid excessive food packaging when shopping and are feeling brave, then take it off and leave it at the till. This becomes feedback to the supermarket that excessive packaging is not welcome.

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