5 summer study hacks

Looking to boost your research, save time and improve your academic performance? Why not try one of these CityLibrary hacks:

Accessibility tools for reading

Do you find reading text in e-books and online journals challenging or uncomfortable? Check out the Enhancing digital reading section of our Accessibility guide which lists some of the tools, software and alternatives available to help.

RefWorks: Bibliography button

Screenshot of a Word document with the RefWorks Citation Manager plug-in open and being used to add a citation and reference automatically.

Have you activated the ‘magic button’? If you’re using RefWorks Citation Manager to write your assignments (for example in Word), make sure you have turned on the ‘Bibliography’ button – every time you add a citation, a full reference will be added to a list at the end of your document. Magic.

LibKey Nomad

If you want to access articles with less hassle then you need to install the LibKey Nomad browser plug-in. As our recent article outlined, LibKey Nomad makes it easy to track down the full text of article you might discover randomly when browsing online.

Google Scholar Advanced Search

The amount of results in Google and Google Scholar can be overwhelming – try using the Advanced Search box to improve how relevant they are. You can watch our video Google and Google Scholar – introduction for tips on how to begin using these tools more effectively.

‘First available Subject Librarian’ option

Screenshot of the Appointments booking page and the 'First available Subject Librarian' tab selected.

If your Subject Librarian isn’t available, but you’d like to get help with finding information for your assignment or citing and referencing as soon as possible, use this option – other members of the team might have slots available sooner and are happy to help. Visit the Library Training page to book an appointment.

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