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New Resource: Bloomsbury Popular Music

The Library now provides access to Bloomsbury Popular Music a database which includes the entire Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World, the 33 1/3 series and an expanding range of scholarly books.  Database features include: Search, browse and filter content by music genre, artist name, topic, and country Artist Pages containing curated links to relevant content for each artist World Map enabling…Continue Reading New Resource: Bloomsbury Popular Music

Fairytale of #CityLibraryXmas

Christmas is a time of joy and good tunes. Whether you are having fun with family or friends, or spending a little bit of time revising, music can lift the spirits, energise or relax and help you bond with other people. We asked members of staff from across City Library what their favourite festive tracks…Continue Reading Fairytale of #CityLibraryXmas

Library Staff Love #16: Rock’s Backpages

As anyone who has listened to our latest Spotify playlist knows, Librarians have excellent taste in music. We’re not common people. We know our Bachs from our Back for Goods. What we librarians also have excellent taste in is our selection of online resources, which is why for Library Staff Love #16 Alex, our Subject…Continue Reading Library Staff Love #16: Rock’s Backpages

Open Music Library

The Open Music Library is a new initiative with the aim to  build the world’s most comprehensive open network of digital resources for the study of music. Curated by a community of music scholars, students, teachers and librarians it is free to access and includes peer-reviewed journals books, music scores, with audio and video coming soon…Continue Reading Open Music Library

Library Staff Love #5: Naxos

With Easter approaching, what better way to enjoy the bank holiday weekend than taking time out to visit the beautiful Greek island of Naxos? With its picturesque Mediterranean setting, gorgeous food and… Oh, wait, sorry. Let me start this post again….* With Easter approaching, what better way to enjoy the bank holiday weekend than taking time…Continue Reading Library Staff Love #5: Naxos