Six things you might have missed

As we launch into a new year, we thought now would be a good time to highlight six things you might have missed from Library Services (but we definitely wouldn’t want you to) over the last few months: Continue reading Six things you might have missed

Getting stuck with your assignments?

Do you sometimes feel confused and unsure where to start when an assignment deadline is approaching? Do you think your writing or argumentation skills could benefit from a little push? Fret not, there are various teams at the University that are here to give you all the support you need. Continue reading Getting stuck with your assignments?

Library workshops and specialist support

Did you know you can attend Library workshops to support your studies and research?

Or, that you can book an appointment with a Subject Librarian for expert help? Continue reading Library workshops and specialist support

Developing your research skills

Library Services offers workshops, appointments and subject specific Library Guides in order to help you develop your research skills.

Whether you are a brand new student just starting out, returning to study after a gap and looking to refresh your skills, or a postgraduate aiming to publish your work for the first time, there are lots of ways in which we can provide support, guidance and advice at a time and a place when you need it.

Dedicated Subject and Research Librarians along with Copyright specialists and our Digital Repository team are available to assist on an individual basis, or by providing embedded information literacy workshops tailored to individual course content and module requirements.

We also provide a range of opportunities for you to access help including: Help Desks staffed 7 days a week, Online Chat, and our Ask Us service: and we’re proud to have recently been awarded Customer Service Excellence accreditation.

All of our online services and resources can be accessed via the Library website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as long as you have an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or other connected device.

And we’re always looking to improve our services and support too, so please do contact us with your feedback, comments and suggestions.

Marianne Johnson – New SMCSE Subject Librarian

We would like to introduce Marianne Johnson, Subject Librarian for SMCSE.  Marianne will be working on Thursdays and Fridays as part of a new job share role with Verena Price.

Marianne has a professional background in academic, banking and corporate libraries and comes from St Mary’s University, where she was responsible for library support for the Faculty of Sport, Health and Applied Science and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Her particular interests include promoting student engagement with the library and marketing all the wonderful resources and services students can access from us. She is looking forward to getting to know City staff and students and supporting you with any library queries or issues you may have.

If you have a question relating to searching SMCSE resources, using the library, finding information or referencing queries, please contact her on:

Meet the Team: Law Team

The Law Team works across two libraries, Gray’s Inn Place Library and Law Library College Building. The team makes sure both libraries run smoothly throughout the week, checking the environment and answering students’ questions.

The team is made up of the following people:

Martin Edwards – User Services Librarian

Martin is the User Services Librarian. He manages the frontline staff and is the person to contact should you have issues with your Library account. You can also contact him regarding feedback, complaints or general enquiries.

Martin also manages the library spaces, making sure the study environment is appropriate and meets your learning needs.

You can contact Martin at


Rob Hodgson & Tom Ellen – Subject Librarians
Rob and Tom are your Subject Librarians for Law. Rob has been working at City for a few years, Tom has joined us from the Law Society.

They are your contact for all things relating to library resources and library support for teaching and learning. Book a one-to-one appointment with them to learn how to use databases and other resources effectively, discuss literature searching for your dissertation, get help with citing and referencing using OSCOLA (citing correctly is the only way to avoid plagiarism!) and more. They also run training workshops throughout the year which can be booked via the Library Calendar.

You can drop in without appointment during their office hours. You can find them in B301 (Northampton Square Library) on Wednesdays between 1-3pm and at Gray’s Inn Place (Room 1/04) on Thursdays from 11-1pm.

You can contact Rob at
You can contact Tom at


Hilary Vieitez – Research Librarian

Hilary is the Research Librarian for Law, supporting academic staff and PhD students at The City Law School with their research needs. She offers both one-to-one training and group workshops. Areas in which she can offer support and advice include: literature searching techniques; how to track down resources for your research; effective use of reference management tools; and correct citing and referencing.

You can contact Hilary at


Stefanie McDade – Senior Information Assistant
Stefanie worked at The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn Library for two years assisting barrister and student members of the Inn with their legal enquiries. She therefore has a lot of experience and can help you with your legal research, and with OSCOLA too.

You can contact Stefanie at


Information Assistants & Evening and Weekend Team
Every day from Monday to Friday, you can ask for help at the desk from our Information Assistants: Alex, Conor, Martina, Monika and Stephanie; and, if you use the library in the evenings or at the weekends, you will find Josephine, Phong, Sadeer, Tim or William available to assist you.

Our staff can help you with: finding books on the shelf, printing, reading a report citation, using the catalogue; and have all been trained on how to use key law resources like Westlaw or Lexis. They will also be able to refer you to the right person should your enquiry require a more in-depth answer.

You can get in touch with the team at

10 CityLibrary hacks for new students

Planning on venturing into the Northampton Square Library for the first time? Here are 10 hush-hush hacks only those in-the-know know….

  • (1) There’s a lift from the main entrance direct to Level 2

    Accessible lift from main entrance

Our Library is accessible which is great if you use a mobility aid, and even greater if you just don’t like stairs. There’s a mirror in it too, so before you exit through automatic doors, heralded by the sound of happy elevator beeps, you can also make sure you look fabulous (or check you haven’t got chocolate smeared across your face, whichever is more likely).

  • (2) Our Entrance and Exit Gates want to be your friend

Turn left at the Library Service Desk to enter the Library. Our Library Essentials Guide has a great example of how to gain access using your City card.

Exit gate marked ‘Exit’

To exit, use the middle gate marked ‘Exit’. No need to swipe, just walk through calmly and let the magic happen. “Is this really a hack?” I hear you cry. All I’ll say is, you’d be surprised at the amount of people who experience what’s known as MBF (Major Barrier Fail). Don’t be one of them.

  • (3) The right-hand lift is superior to the left-hand lift

    Better right-hand lift

Reason being it has a window, so you can gaze out at the eastern cityscape as you’re whisked to your chosen floor:

Okay, it’s not quite the London Eye, there isn’t any muzak and there’s some sort of mysterious blob hindering the view, but, you know. (Think the left-hand lift is better? Tell us why).

  • (4) The water fountain is on Level 3

Possibly our greatest acquisition ever (marginally ahead of the purple chairs) the water fountain brings refreshing hydration joy to Library users all year round.

Water fountain on Level 3
  • (5) Experience a corporeal mediated experience on Level 3

    Our dynamic rotational display device

Engage with the Fourth Estate in the classic format by reading an actual newspaper live: you’ll find them on our dynamic rotational display device, along with supplements including the THE.

  • (6) Not all the Group Study Rooms on Level 3 are the same

Some rooms have whiteboards (you can borrow marker pens from the Service Desk), some have I.T. and some offer a little more legroom. Take Room 3J for example:

Not only is it roomier, judging by the panorama picture quality it’s also built on top of some sort of temporal vortex. Exciting.

  • (7) There’s a secret vending machine on Level 3

    ‘Secret’ vending machine

Well, it was secret. Regularly stocked with all your favourite snackage (including some new and interesting variants) the Level 3 machine is tucked away in the corner near the printers.

  • (8) The most exciting shelving is on Level 4

Arguably, the first shelving bay on Level 4 is the most exciting in the whole Library:

Exciting Level 4 shelving

On the left, we have the Careers Collection with items specially chosen with your professional development in mind. To the right we have reference heaven with a plethora of dictionaries in multiple languages; and then on the end, immediately as you enter the floor, you can see the new titles display shelf which showcases our most interesting and eye-catching acquisitions.

  • (9) Catch Subject Librarians Live on Level 5, Weekdays 11-5

The Level 5 Helpdesk is regularly staffed by our Subject Librarian team during term time:

Library Helpdesk on Level 5

This means from Monday to Friday you can drop in and chat to a subject specialist about all of your Library and research needs. No appointments necessary (although you can make them too, if you prefer).

  • (10) There’s a PC Lab on Level 6

    Level 6 PC Lab

Tucked away in the far corner of the room, the Level 6 PC Lab benefits from a quiet location, comfortable amount of desk space and south-facing windows which fill the room with wonderful natural light- plus transformative blinds, for those that prefer a little shade.

(Share your own #CityLibraryHacks by posting a comment below or via Social Media)