With assessment season happening again, we’re launching launch our #TakeABreak campaign.

#TakeABreak is about highlighting how taking proper care of yourself can, and will, help you achieve better results.

Whether it’s taking regular breaks, going for a walk, having a nutritious snack, or leaving early to get home for a good night’s sleep, looking after your health and wellbeing is a crucial component for academic success.

To help you cope with a busy and stressful time of year, watch out for our:

  • Tips and ideas to help you manage mental and physical stress levels
  • Freebies & giveaways
  • CityLibrary staff’s popular culture recommendations
  • Reminders about our extended opening times
  • Puzzles and mindful activities
  • Uplifting social media content.

Puzzles, colouring pencils and templates, post-it notes and

Please also remember: if you are feeling overwhelmed and need to talk to someone, there are lots of ways to get support at City via the Student Union, Chaplaincy, Student Health & Wellbeing, and of course Library Staff.

When you do take a break from studying, why not share your experiences with us on Instagram (#TakeABreak) to let us, or your friends and family, know how you’re getting on.

Good luck everyone, keep take care of yourselves (and each other)!

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