Library Staff Love #9: GSLC

Here’s a thing. We try not to use abbreviations unnecessarily because unless you know what they stand for it can be really unhelpful. But, OMG can they be fun too, especially if you’ve got a GSOH (IMHO).

They’re also ubiquitous in our everyday lives. Do you live on a ‘Ave’? When was the last time you RSVP’d someone, watched ‘ITV’ or looked up an answer to a question on an FAQ section?

So, for this month’s Library Staff Love feature (topic suggested by Kathryn in our user Services Team) I’ve thrown caution to the wind and engaged in some experimental abbreviating:

Welcome to the “GSLC”, AKA the Graduate School Library Centre.

Students at work in the Graduate School library

Kathryn’s a big fan of the GSLC and here’s why:

“When I was studying for my MSc at City, I found the graduate library a very useful study space. Everyone in there is there to work, so there are few distractions and I could really get my head down and concentrate. Now it has moved to Sebastian Street, it feels even quieter, and the separate rooms on the site are cosier.”

If you’re a City PG or PhD research student and you’re looking for an alternative location to study, the GSLC could be the place for you.

Information on the GSLC including opening times can be found on our website and if you’re in there studying keep an eye out for a member of our Roving Team dropping by from time-to-time to check that everything’s working OK.

FYI: nobody as far as I’m aware actually refers to the Graduate School Library Centre as the GSLC but who knows, maybe it’ll catch on? Probs not.

PS: See, I told you abbreviations could be fun. LOL.