We’ve recently made four fantastic new resources available via Databases A-Z and CityLibrary Search:

Screenshot of the Annual review of political science.

Annual Review of Political Science

This journal title covers significant developments in the field of Political Science, including political theory and philosophy, international relations, political economy and political behaviour. You can log-in to the journal with your email address and password.

Cross-section of the brain with labels highlighting the hippocampus.


e-Anatomy is a high-quality interactive database containing radiological images including CT, MRI, PET images (in axial, coronal and sagittal slices) as well as x-rays and angiography, dissections, diagrams and illustration. It also provides an atlas of the chest, brain, eye and other parts of the human body.

Screenshot of the Oxford Encyclopaedia of EU Law.

Oxford Encyclopedia of EU Law

Log-in to this new encyclopedia to access high level analysis of European Union law with expert definitions and thorough examinations of key concepts.

Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama video collection via Drama Online

Screenshot of Drama Online featuring 'Hamlet' starring Maxine Peake.

This terrific new collection has been added to Drama Online, and includes content such as Shakespeare in the Present, Maxine Peake as Hamlet, Stage on Screen and Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villains.

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