Stapling in CityLibrary

Our recent Feedback Wall showed that you are keen to see stapling in CityLibrary.  

The stapling feedback we received
The stapling feedback we received

Well, did you know that you can use the larger combined printers and photocopiers in the library for stapling, too?  
The option can be selected from the Printer Properties menu.  From here you can get the printer do many of the things you might want it to do, such as print in colour, print multiple pages or multiple slides on one sheet.
Through the Finishing part of the menu, you can select Stapling: this section allows you to say how many pages you would like stapled together and whether you want your work stapled in the top left corner or in a booklet format.


Check out this video that shows you how:

Give it a go – it’s a useful and new function that can be used to staple essays or lecture notes at the same time as printing them!


New Addition to the Northampton Square Library

A new addition was recently made to Level 3 of the Northampton Square Library, which you may have spotted while picking up your printing or making photocopies.
An extra vending machine, full of snacks, has been installed so you don’t have to trek all the way down to Level 2 and go through the gates and back to grab a quick snack.
The machine contains a variety of crisps, chocolates and drinks and accepts both cash and cards.
So, should you be studying within the library and fancy a little something, just head to the back of Level 3 where you will find the machine in the corner with the printers and photocopier.  

The new vending machine in the corner with its printing neighbours.
The new vending machine in the corner with its printing neighbours.

Speaking of printing – if you are unsure about how printing your work, well, works, then head over to the Printing Facilities pages on the IT section of the University website.


From here, if you click on the Managed Print link on the right hand side then you will be able to top-up your Print Credit.