It’s now easier than ever to manage your library account, keep your loans up to date and get hold of the books you need. Here are our top tips:

Use your Library Account

Log in to your Library Account to check and renew the items you borrow, or to contact our User Services team to report any issue you might be experiencing.

Check your emails regularly

Reminder notices will help you keep up to date with when your books are due for return.Books displayed on shelves.

Look out for ‘Recall’ emails

You’ll be notified if an item has been ‘recalled’ – this means the due date might be shortened because other Library users are in a queue waiting to borrow a copy.

And finally…

if your book does becomes overdue you will receive a reminder email, but don’t worry:

you’ll only be charged if you are late returning an item that has been recalled.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep their Library Account up-to-date, and by doing so it helps make sure all CityLibrary users can access the items they need. You can find more information about borrowing and renewing on the Library website.

Happy borrowing everyone!


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