Our educational technology team have identified a number of tools that can be used to help build innovative assessments in your modules. These can be seen in the diagram below. For more ideas, visit our website link here.

Tool Available from Types of assessment
City Blogs is a service for staff and students to bloAg about learning, teaching and research activities at City University London. It runs on the Edublogs platform which specialises in blogs for educational institutions blogs.city.ac.uk Recording Personal Development Planning (PDP) activities; charting project progress; managing group projects; collaborating on the development of course resources, developing multimedia portfolios
OU wiki enables students to collaboratively develop a webpage or series of webpages. Each time a person makes changes to a wiki page, that revision of the content becomes the current version, and an older version is stored. Edits can be reverted if necessary. Moodle modules Collaborating on group projects; collaborating on the development of course resources; managing group projects
Forums are a great way to encourage communication, collaboration and debate among students. Moodle has five kinds of forums each with a slightly different layout and purpose. Moodle modules Group debates, Role plays, case-study analysis, discussion of topical and/or controverisal issues, supporting group project communications

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