Get the PressReader app for your phone or tablet

Download the PressReader app to access your favourite news and magazine titles on the move. This includes over 7,000 newspapers and magazines from 97 countries in 54 languages in full colour, full page format.

PressReader offers offsite access to the platform on your mobile device, courtesy of City Library. This means that registered library users can use the PressReader app remotely for 7 days before they have to authenticate again by connecting their device to the City Wi-Fi network.

Step by step instructions for setting up the app – must be completed on site

Step 1:  Log on to PressReader via the Library website using the following link: The website normally takes around 60s to load, so don’t worry if it seems slow. 

Step 2: Once loaded click on the menu bar next to the green coffee cup in the top left hand corner of the screen. Select ‘Sign in’ 

Then select ‘Sign up now’

Register for a free account using your City email address.

Step 3: Using your phone or tablet go to the App Store to download the most recent PressReader app. Once downloaded sign in with the login details you’ve just created. You should then see the notice that publications are brought to your by the Library –City University of London.

Like all apps, PressReader will use data from your mobile network plan unless you connect over a WI-FI network. Average monthly usage for PressReader is between 200MB and 400BM. 

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