Level 3 at Northampton Square Library

Although the spaces in the Northampton Square Library have been quieter over the summer, library staff have been busy using your feedback to make changes.

level 3 can be very loud, reducing noise levels would be very good

This was a common theme in our recent feedback campaigns, with many of you suggesting that you would appreciate a quieter, more studious study space on Level 3.

From September, Level 3 of the Northampton Square Library is for quiet study.  When using Level 3 please keep conversations to a minimum, and if you want to work in a large group be considerate of your fellow students and book a group study room or use one of the other collaborative study spaces throughout the University, such as in the Tait Building.

To make the space more suitable for quiet study we have purchased new furniture and the last pieces will be delivered and installed this week.

Woman reading book in library

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