Book "Nine Perfect Strangers" by Liane MoriartyIt’s the middle of exam season when the going tends to get tough, so we wanted to try and bring you some light-hearted joy to make you smile and allow you to #TakeABreak from studies for a bit.

As the UK is hosting one of the biggest pop culture events in the the world – Eurovision, we could not resist but to organise a rival competition – #LibraryEurovision! We looked up books, films, music and other resources in CityLibrary collection that are related to each of the participant countries, and put them out for you to enjoy on our Instagram and Twitter. If you are not following us there, here’s a recap of the exciting resources we’ve shared for each of the countries – in their running order in both semi-finals!

Dive into award-winning novels and cinema, explore polyphonic lullabies, plays, graphic novels, DVDs and articles, fantastic folk and classic music albums and more… (We’ve added the link to resources in Instagram posts separately too, so that you can access them if you don’t have an Instagram account!)

First semi-final
1. Norway Twitter Instagram (Jo Nesbø’s novel The Snowman)
2. Malta Twitter Instagram (An educational video on Maltese language)
3. Serbia Twitter Instagram (Book Coming in: sexual politics and EU accession in Serbia)
4. Latvia Twitter Instagram (Animation film about mental health and history Rocks in My Pockets)
5. Portugal Twitter Instagram (An album of a Journey through Portuguese music)
6. Ireland Twitter Instagram (Short stories by Richard Power)
7. Croatia Twitter Instagram (Award-winning Croatian short film Into the Blue)
8. Switzerland Twitter Instagram (A book on communication in 16th century Switzerland)
9. Israel Twitter Instagram (A book exploring society, culture and politics of Israel)
10. Moldova Twitter Instagram (Short stories by Yenta Mash)
11. Sweden Twitter Instagram (Winner of Best European Comedy – film A man called Ove)
12. Azerbaijan Twitter Instagram (Travel documentary on Azerbaijan)
13. Czechia Twitter Instagram (Audiobook of Jaroslav Hašek’s The Good Soldier Švejk)
14. Netherlands Twitter Instagram (A book exploring Amsterdam’s Canal District)
15. Finland Twitter Instagram (Arto Paasilinna’s The Year of the Hare)
16. France Twitter Instagram (Documentary on France’s special connection with the accordion)
17. Germany Twitter Instagram (A book on the reunification of Germany)
18. Italy Twitter Instagram (An album of favourite Italian tenor arias)


Second semi-final:
1. Denmark Twitter Instagram (Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales)
2. Armenia Twitter Instagram (Armenian short film Red Apples)
3. Romania Twitter Instagram (Folk music from the Moldavian region of Romania)
4. Estonia Twitter Instagram (An article from Estonia’s Prime Minister on cyber security)
5. Belgium Twitter Instagram (A book on Belgian cartoonist – Hergé in his own words)
6. Cyprus Twitter Instagram (Acclaimed novel about Cyprus – The Island of Missing Trees)
7. Iceland Twitter Instagram (Icelandic magic realist film The Seer and the Unseen)
8. Greece Twitter Instagram (A selection of poems by Michális Ganás: A Greek Ballad)
9. Poland Twitter Instagram (An album of Frederic Chopin’s work)
10. Slovenia Twitter Instagram (A book of contemporary analysis of Slovenia through burek)
11. Georgia Twitter Instagram (Georgian short film Black Mulberry)
12. San Marino Twitter Instagram (A travel documentary about San Marino)
13. Austria Twitter Instagram (A biography of Freud: in his time and ours)
14. Albania Twitter Instagram (A book on Modern Albania and its journey to democracy)
15. Lithuania Twitter Instagram (An album of harp arrangements of the piano works of Čiurlionis)
16. Australia Twitter Instagram (A modern memoir on Australia – Island Home)
17. Spain Twitter Instagram (A book on democracy in modern Spain)
18. Ukraine Twitter Instagram (A book of everything you need to know about Ukraine)
19. United Kingdom Twitter Instagram (A book examining the link between Liverpool and music)


No matter what you think of the singing competition, we hope you’ve enjoyed discovering a wealth of literature, music, films and learning about aspects of life elsewhere that you might otherwise have not thought about. (Relatedly, if you’re interested to venture further afield, we have a lovely e-book and audiobook collection “Let a novel take you to another country” on OverDrive with literature from all over the world.)

Screenshot of a recording of last year's Eurovision song contest on Box of BroadcastsIf you’re interested to learn about Eurovision from a more academic viewpoint for some aspect of your studies, there’s a lot to discover on CityLibrary Search – eg, The Eurovision Song Contest as a cultural phenomenon: from concert halls to the halls of academia or A song for Europe: popular music and politics in the Eurovision song contest. And don’t forget that you can catch up on the past shows on Box of Broadcasts!

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