Trans Awareness Book Displays

Library Services’ latest book displays are dedicated to transgender lives.

You can find physical displays on Level 5 of the Northampton Square Library; outside PC lab 1002 at the Business Library; and in the Law Library there are two displays, one behind the help desk, the other one beside the computer lab. You are free to browse the shelves and borrow any book you want.

Check out our recommendations below. If a title intrigues you, but when you come to browse our shelves it’s not available, don’t worry – you can place a request on the title via CityLibrary Search.

Our first suggestion is called “Super Late Bloomer” by Julia Kaye. When the author started her transition in 2016, she started using her webcomic as a diary, documenting her struggles and her victories."Super Late Bloomer" book cover

If you want to read about collective action and human rights, we highly recommend “Organizing for transgender rights: collective action, group development, and the rise of a new social movement“.

There are also plenty of novels in our collection: “Stone butch blues: a novel” by Leslie Feinberg, “Paul takes the form of a mortal girl” by Andrea Lawlor and “Detransition, baby” by Torrey Peters.

Online Resources

If you can’t come to the library, you will be pleased to know that we have many e-books. Browse the carousel below to find something interesting. If you want to read one, follow the link and log in using your City username and password when prompted.

Library Services also subscribes to many journals publishing articles in transgender health research, such as International Journal of Transgender Health, International Journal of Transgenderism, and Journal of LGBT issues in counseling.

Want to join a network?

You can join City’s LGBTQ+ Society, a friendly and inclusive group.
If you are based in London and want to join a group in your neighbourhood,  check these LGBTQ+ support organisations.

Want to be an ally?

If you want to support your transgender friends and classmates but don’t know how, check the following websites for some useful tips:

Recommend a book!

If you want to recommend titles on transgender lives, you can do so through our Liberating CityLibrary scheme. Thanks to this scheme, you can help us improve the diversity of our collections. If you are curious and want to know what’s been ordered in the past, you can catch up with it in our handy monthly round-ups.

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