Normally the last thing you want to be doing over summer is to be cooped up in inside. You want to be out and about meeting friends and having fun in the sun. But let’s be honest, there’s going to be quite a few rainy days this summer. Quite a few? Okay, a lot.

We asked members of library staff for their favourite TV shows this summer. Some of these are available through Library Services on Box of Broadcasts and our DVD collection.

Ice cone magnifier

Catherine likes The Young Ones  because she says it makes her laugh. It’s also a great introduction to the world of UK higher education.

Better Call Saul “The backstory to Breaking Bad and the Saul Goodman character.  It’s like visiting an old friend.”

The Handmaid’s Tale Alex says “Great acting. Great themes; really thought provoking”.

Grey’s Anatomy A superlative TV show about the lives and loves of a great team of brilliant surgeons; very similar to working in a library but not as high pressured.

The A Team “I like the car chases and the shoot outs, BA Baracus and Templeton Peck and Colonel Hannibal Smith and Howling Mad “HM” Murdock”.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Samantha likes this because “she’s a vampire slayer and there’s monsters and she slays them all and she has stylish yet affordable boots and she has Spike and it’s a perfectly allegory for what life can throw at you and Slayerspeak and everything and we have academic books in the library about Buffy and related Buffy fanfic because she’s awesome and ‘The Body’ [Season 5, Episode 16] is hands down the best episode of any TV show ever to portray grief”.

Catterick One librarian is often caught quoting from this “underrated piece of genius from Vic and Bob. You’ll never say tupperware in the same way again.”

Catie’s been “watching and loving the TV adaptation of The Magicians (based on a book by Lev Grossman) is like Harry Potter for adults”.

Curb your enthusiasm  “It’s pretty, pretty, pretty good”. With a new series on the way, this TV show is hot property at the moment.

House of cards an insight into the world of UK politics. You can draw your own comparisons between this and contemporary politics. You might think that, we couldn’t possibly comment.

In Our Time An absolutely riveting series of shows by one of our greatest TV talents out there: Lord Bragg. “My favourite episodes are The Gin Craze and The Library of Alexandria as these are very librariany type subjects”.

Have we missed anything? What do you like to watch when the rains are falling?

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